Dedicated Servers
High Performance Business Servers

Linux Dedicated Servers provide the ultimate performance for all your business needs.  All plans are fully customizable.
CentOS 5.3 OS
cPanel 11 / Plesk 9
Shell Access
Dedicated IP address
24/7 Support
Windows Dedicated Servers provide high performance for all your business and application needs. All plans are fully customizable.
Windows 2008/2003  OS
Plesk 9/DotNetPanel
Remote Desktop Access
Dedicated IP address
24/7 Support


Dedicated Server Benefits

Dedicated Performance

Our Dedicated Server offering includes powerful Dell Dual Core servers providing rock solid performance and stability allowing you to focus on your business. Leave the network and server performance management to us. With our Dedicated Server plans, you get to experience blazing speed, smart routing capability, state-of-the-art hardware and software, and performance monitoring of your services.

Security and Flexibility

Our Dedicated Server offerings provides the ultimate in Security and Flexibility. Dedicated Servers resources are devoted solely to one customer. There is no sharing of resources. This avoids the possibility of other customers compromising the servers resources and security. All Dedicated servers are extremely flexible and can be completely customized to fit your business needs.

Unlimited Websites

Host and manage an unlimited number of websites using a simple interface. Admin, reseller, and client level views mean total control. Install applications, assign resources, brand client control panels.