Online Backup Services
Reliable Solutions for Home and Businesses

Managed Online Backup Services Starting at Just $9.95/Month.

MICN can reliably backup your data securely to our remote state of the art datacenters so you can focus on your core business. We provide solutions for secure data backup, online archiving and recovery. Our services are extremely easy to implement. We offer the most competitive rates in the industry. With our services, you will never have to worry about backups again.

User Backup-I 100 GB Monthly Retention $9.95
User Backup-II 200 GB Monthly Retention $19.95
Business Backup-I   500 GB   Monthly Retention   $49.95  
Business Backup-II   1000 GB   Monthly Retention   $99.95  
Business Backup-III   2000 GB   Monthly Retention   $199.95  
Business Backup-IV   3000 GB   Monthly Retention   $299.95  
Business Backup-V   5000 GB   Monthly Retention   $499.95  
6 Months Prepaid   - 10% Discount!
12 Months Prepaid - 15% Discount!
MICN is a leading provider of online backup solutions and data protection services. We utilize state of the art computer centers and have excellent 24/7 customer service. The Following is a list of features we offer with our online data backup services.

Easy to Set Up


For Business

Easy to use and easy to manage
Backup Support for Laptops, desktops and Servers
No additional charge for multiple users or systems

For Individuals

  Low "pay as you" go pricing
  backup personal data from desktops or laptops
  Disaster-proof your PC for as little as $9.95/month

Fast Recovery

Restore lost files from your secure online file backup system in a matter of seconds.

Affordable Price

With our online file backup system you can store as little or as much as you need starting at $9.95 per month


Phone Support
Email Support
Online FAQs
Order online for our secure online backup system
Installation is easy and takes less than 5
Backups are instant and will never interrupt your work

Extremely Secure

Military grade encryption protects your data
All data is encrypted before it leaves your computer  
Only you have the key to access your backup data  

Basic Backup Functionality

Windows Open Files and NTFS Permissions  
Windows System State  
Linux Files and Access Privileges  
Mac OS X Files, Metadata and Resource Forks  
Other common files  

Included Backup Agents:

Microsoft Exchange Server  
Microsoft SQL Server  
Domino / Lotus Notes  
Outlook / Outlook Express